La Fairy Cruise Halong

 DAY 1: Hanoi – Halong Bay
Morning: Car and tour guides will pick you up from 7:30 to 8:15 at the Old Quarter hotel. On the way, you will see the typical scenery and rest stop in Hai Duong City. When the car reaches Halong Bay, the enthusiastic and friendly staff will welcome you and help you complete the check-in procedure.
La Fairy Boat is the perfect choice for your journey
La Fairy Boat is the perfect choice for your journey
Afternoon: At 13h, the chefs of La Fairy Cruise will serve you seafood lunch combined with the taste of the cuisine from 1910-1930 by experienced chefs from Hanoi, in when the cruise will begin the journey on Halong Bay. Afterwards, you will rest and recharge your afternoon activities such as visiting local fishermen in the complex dedicated to La Fairy Cruise, exploring the model of the museum showing the culture. and local history, chat with fishermen, swim to relax, or explore the bay yourself by kayak. The cooking class will take place from 6:00 pm by the chef with traditional Vietnamese dishes.
Evening: Around 7:30 is a great time to enjoy a delicious dinner with freshly made desserts. After dinner, the free time for other guests to relax or participate in night squash, games, movies are not bad ideas.
DAY 2: Halong Bay – Hanoi
Morning: Wake up early to not miss the wonderful sunrise on the bay with Tai Chi exercises with the guidance of enthusiastic, friendly staff.
Have breakfast buffet at the restaurant with tea, coffee, pastries and Vietnamese snacks from 7:00.
Hera will explore the wonders of the caves, climbing the rocks to explore the beautiful lakes such as the royal garden. After that, you will return to the boat to rest and check out.
Have a delicious lunch while the boat you return to Tuan Chau wharf.